Online Parent Access

Online Access allows parents to periodically check their own student's attendance records, course grades, lunch status and progress reports.

Using attendance a parent may see which days and periods their child has been absent as well as the reason recorded by the office for each absence and whether excused or unexcused. Attendance records for a current day will only be available at the end of the day after finalized by the office.
•Report Card
At the end of each quarter, grades will be available online, provided there are no fines or fees outstanding. Online access will be blocked as long as fees or fines remain unpaid.

•Progress Reports
Student progress reports list the student's score on each assignment, project or test, the overall score within the category, and the overall grade. These will be posted every week when grades are determined for academic eligibility. Some staff may post their grades on a more frequent basis, but are not expected or required to do so. Intermediate grades may be subject to change if a student completes a missing assignment, or fails to do a major assignment. Primary (grades K-3) progress reports will not be available.

•Lesson Plans If student's teacher utilizes this feature will show lesson plans.

•Parent Information Allows parents to update/add information such as address, phone numbers, etc.

•Lunch Allows parents to see how much money is in student accounts as well as when students have ate hot lunch.

•Alert Configuration Allows parents to have an alert sent to them when students are absent/tardy and if grades fall below a certain percentage.

How Do I Get Online Access?

1. Call the IKM-Manning High School office (655-3781) or Manning Elementary office (655-3761) or Irwin Elementary office (782-3126) or IKM-Manning Middle School office (654-2852) to provide an email address and request a parent username and password

2. You will receive an email confirmation when your account has been set up

3. Log on to the link below and sign in using your parent username and password


Updated August 15, 2012